Oskar Offermann

Mule Musiq, DE

“Music is the direct access to the soul“, says Oskar Offermann. Artist made his first musical steps as a teenage drummer and beat producer in various genres in a hometown Frankfurt/Main. Shortly after the turn of the millennium he moved to Berlin. There, House music had a strong impact on him. And then the direction was clear: In 2007 Oskar founded the imprint White where he not only released his own material but also introduced artists like Edward or Moomin. Various EPs on the labels Aim, Thema, Mule-Musiq and Riverette followed. The albums “Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying?“ (White, 2012) und “Le Grand To Do“ (Mule-Musiq, 2015) garnered him recognition far outside Germany and so did the DJ sets he’s playing at clubs and festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia as well as North and South America. Dance to Oskar Offermanns’ music in the early morning at Supynes 2018!