A/V collaboration, LT

The performance spans across a few media formats, which are all a documentation of a fictional united Slavic, Baltic and Balkan culture of the near future.

You approach the exhibit. It shows a moment in the near future, seen as past, during which a new wave of cultural and spiritual renaissance is observed. The description reads:

“After successfully overcoming most of the -isms and fears of the other, humanity managed to eliminate poverty and most of the waste, through big breakthroughs in eco-sciences. All the labour was done by machines, and the very few human jobs left, consisting mostly of AI supervising and space travelling, were done voluntary and had a prestigious status. This left the Earth Society with 2 main final frontiers: Space, through travel, and The Self, through art and spirituality. While the first one was quite straight forward to approach, the latter faced some obstacles at first. After complete globalization, there were no localized cultures anymore, which resulted in no direct connection to any particular cultural heritage of the individual.
This led to the birth of a new movement in art, which focused in exploring the cultural history until around early 21st century of particular geographical areas. The focus was on one’s preferred place of residence, in order to create a sense of cultural identity. This is a documentation of the cultural content created during this time in the are between the Baltics and the Balkans, or like the ancient ancestors of these forgotten nations used to say – the land between three seas. “
Tomas Narkevičius, Gorazd Popov, Vitaly Puzyriov