Florian Kupfer


Late nights, restless thoughts, bursting emotions—Florian Kupfer’s music evokes something familiar yet elusive, personal yet universal, a hearbeat heard through endless spools of gently hissing tape.

Born in Wiesbaden, introduced to ’90s techno by his mother, educated in production via hip-hop to pursue his creative impulse, he spent years bouncing around Germany before he met L.I.E.S. label Head Ron Morelli DJing at the Robert Johnson in Offenbach, and a new relationship with music crystalized.

Lifetrax, Kupfer’s first release was an instant classic upon its release in 2013, following up releases for L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions and Willie Burns’ W.T. Records. Kupfer’s music remains a highly personal undertaking, his tracks still wrought from one-take hardware jams in his bedroom.