a festival like
no other

Some secrets are too good to keep, thus there won’t be many to blame us for exposing the one we call the 12th edition of “Sūpynės”. You will fall in love with the festival for many reasons – so we’ll be nice and friendly and will list them all. For you. To fall in love with.


Maybe we don’t have pyramids or Grand Canyon in Lithuania, but we have forests. Amazing verdant and lush woods, sprawling to the edges of taintless lakes. And our festival takes place in exactly the same surrounding. Adorned with an old, post-soviet resort-villa.


Yes, it’s gourmet and there’s no better word to describe it. We’re talking about carefully handpicked talents coming from the local scene and abroad. The musical curation of the festival embodies the famous “Less is more” and does it proud. DJ Stingray, The Empire Line, Silent Servant, and Lake People just prove our point.


Nowadays a truly decent music act usually comes together with mind-bending visuals. We think that a truly decent music festival should come with these as well. That’s why we collaborate with many artists to provide visuals outside of artist shows and present you the PLAYGROUND stage.


Everyone wants to play with the matches, but rarely one does think about safety. We do. We do not only think, we act. The festival has its own “Be Safe Lab”, which provides information about safety, whether it is drugs, sex or alcohol. It also offers free water, medical assistance, tips how to help a fellow raver and some nice chats if one does feel lonely and depressed.

Holy Trinity Experience

We have three separate stages, covering a wide variety of music. There’s LESS which is surely wrong named because there you’ll hear a wide variety of electronic music genres. Then there’s MORE which covers all your house and techno needs. And there’s unique HIGH, a stage for the afterparty, which opens only as the sun starts to rise and provides the best of boggy beats.


Maybe it’s not the way you want your steak, but it’s surely the way you want your festival. The people who stand behind “Sūpynės” have organised parties and festivals for years. Hell, it’s our 12th festival, so there‘s little room for mistakes and a lot of room for fun.