A/V collaboration, LT

From 2016 Dalia and Adomas are developing a photogrammetry based project about the cities of Europe – “City studies”. Photogrammetry – specific form of photography and 3D graphics which connects geographical focus and different multisensorial modalities. The artists are interested in geographical focus on the city. They see their process of observing the architecture, sculpture and nature of the city as an act of transforming performance. They are also interested in dynamic and fluidity of the City. Their current interest is liquidation of borders and categories, like general description about the physical and social meaning of cities: structured sites of human ambition, architectural and mundane wonders, accidental landscapes, whose beauty develops in consonance with nature, whose failures and fractures and pollution lead to reflection on the temporary nature of existence and human frailty.

Dalia Mikonytė, Adomas Žudys as group of two artists have entered this project in collaboration with composer Pijus Džiugas Meižis. Dalia Mikonytė is a photographer and researcher, member of artists group Coolturistes and The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LeTMeKoo). Adomas Žudys mostly works with big street art projects, stencils, video mapping, 3D graphics and design. They are both owners of an official artist status of the Republic of Lithuania. Together they work with photography, video, 3D and text medias. In their artistic practise they are developing focus on old and well known art forms mixed together with new science and technology. They are interested in intimate space and time, personal experiences, identity and its representation, signs and reality. Their interests and inspirations balance between history and contemporary art, among theory and sentiment.
Pijus Džiugas Meižis doesn`t rely on academic descriptions and present his part in the project poetically:
Synthetic sounds form foggy spaces
Slowly and cautiously repeating motifs
Adorned by longing patterns
Invite thoughts to get lost